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Afkallmighty will put up the translation for her Developer’s Note first thing in the morning but the bottom line is;

-4-man raid
-Players can not be revived
-Stuns and other boss-holding skills won’t work
-Provides gems for bracelets. Bracelets are new accessories that don’t have any stats on them without any gems placed in them. They become bound to your character when you insert a gem.
-A lot of her attacks seem to ignore defense. My party members were experienced yet a single unlucky mistake was enough to kill them instantly without any time to react with Merc pots.


MH Developer’s Note : Multi-Processing

AFK : I’ve simplified the article but the basic message remains the same
Multi-Processing is a new party leader function which will aid players who wanted to host but weren’t able to due to PC limitations.
Turning on the Multi-Processing function when hosting will improve performance for hosts with multi-core CPUs and a surplus of physical memory.

Party leaders in Mabinogi Heroes has to host due to the limitations of the game’s engine and in the past a single CPU was used to do all the work that comes from being a host and being a party member as well.
But now, the function for hosting and being a party member will be separated in to independent processes and use different CPUs in order to enhance the party leader’s performance.
The following is the result of current testing.
Test Environment

CPU : I5-2500 (3.30GHz) Quad-core
GPU : AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB
OS : Windows 7 Professional (32bit)

Without Multi-Process [lowest FPS drop-6]

With Multi-Process [lowest FPS drop-41]

This function will be tested in the test server before going live.
(Source: heroes.nexon.com)

Smooth and enchanting soundtrack for the Succubus Queen (MHKR Test Server) Official Sound Track by Devcat/Nexon Korea.

Succubus Queen’s Official Sound Track
1. h_01 Queen Dreaming
2. h_01 Queen

Audio Enhanced by: KapiH
Audio: https://www.youtube.com/user/lagerowonder
Images: https://www.youtube.com/user/otl4987

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