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Atlantica Online Europe: Easter Event

Dear Atlantians,

Eastern is upcoming and we wish you all a wonderful feast.
For this we want to sweeten also your Atlantica Online game experience with some additional gifts.

As starter we will give out on Friday around 12:00 CEST to all characters, wether they are online or not following items:

*All times in CEST

Those crystals will give you each a 2 hours buff for either attack power, defense, workload or experience. You can freely choose when you want to use your additional buff. Make sure to pick up your crystals from your mailbox.

Also there will be Item Showers from Saturday – Monday

The Item Shower Contents will be slightly different for Hyperion and the old servers.
This is due different needs of those servers.

[Note] Only characters online will be able to receive those items


*All times in CEST

Midgard, Niflheim, Thanatos & Titan:

*All times in CEST

[Note] The item destribution is within a time frame of 10 minutes (+/- 5 minutes) due technical limitations. Please ensure your are online in this time frame to ensure that you get the item.

Rabbits on the loose

We have received news about the secret Easter Bunny Academy. According to a report from an anonymous rabbit, whose name we don’t want to mention, wild easter rabbit students will break free and rampage on Sunday at the following times:

10:00 CEST
14:00 CEST
16:00 CEST
19:00 CEST
22:00 CEST

The monstrous rabbits will set loose on Titan Server at the following Outposts:

Outpost H – Safe Zone
Outpost C – Level 50
Outpost A – Level 70
Outpost D – Level 80
Outpost B, G – Level 90
Outpost E, F – Level 100
Outpost I – Level 110
Outpost J, K – Level 120
Outpost L, M – Level 130
Outpost N – Level 140
Outpost O – Level 150
Outpost P, Q – Level 160

But we have also received reports of few bunnies who could find a magical tunnel, big enough for a rabbit to fit through, from Titan to Hyperion. They will rampage near the following towns:

Near Vienna: Level 50 – 65
Near Rome: Level 65 – 80
Near Madrid: Level 80 – 90
Between Berlin and Warsaw: Level 90 – 100
Near Ostersund: Level 100 – 110
South of New York: Level 110 – 120
North of Vancouver: Level 120 – 130


- The usage of any Bewitching Scrolls is not welcome and will result in a sanction if an excessive usage is detected.
- During the event, you may experience server lag. This is inevitable but also not harmful to your game progress.
- To reduce the lag for you, make sure to switch your graphics to level 1 and disable the display of other players around you (System->Settings->Graphic).
- If you die in an outpost on Titan, you will respawn in a random outpost. Thus, you may end up in a high level area.
- Please make sure to deposit your gold on the bank if you don’t want to lose it (and if you are not using a blessing license). You may die during a monster invasion.

Have some wonderful days and remember:
What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!

Atlantica Europe Team

Mabinogi Heroes Developer’s Note : Niflheim Dungeon


AFK: Sorry for the late update, I’ll try to bring up more stuff tomorrow  And, like before, the translation here will be simplified but the message will remain the same.

Niflheim is a region for max level players or, to be precise, level 80 characters since the level cap will be raised to 85.


The dungeons for this region will be designed to challenge players and as the highest level content yet each battle in this region will follow three general rules.

1. Players can not revive in Niflheim; feathers and Evie’s Revive won’t work. A death will mean that your out of combat for that battle permanently.

2.Boss holding skills will not work; the damage these skills do will remain the same but skills like Reverse Gravity will not disable the bosses in Niflheim.

3. Niflheim battles will be the only place you an obtain Bracelet Gems. You will receive [Bracelet Gem Case Key Fragments] which you can trade for gems with Aislinn.


Bracelets can be obtained in high difficulty Season 1 and 2 raids and Hero-mode dungeons. These Bracelets will become powerful accessories when combined with Gems.

And now we introduce the first Niflheim battle where the boss is none other than the Succubus who has returned as the Succubus Queen.


The Succubus Queen will show off new moves which will provide a new type of flashy combat players haven’t experience before.


You will need to understand her patterns and the characteristics of the map if you are to succeed. Trustworthy party members will be a must as well since a single death will mean the end for that member and you can only have up to four party members total.


The Succubus Queen is hiding a big secret so trying to find out what it is will be part of the challenge.


Anonymous asked:

For those who like combat, does Black Desert offer as much of it as Vindictus? Can you play the game focusing on battles and ignoring the rest? Is the combat hack and slash or pseudo-action? What does it resemble more: TERA, Blade and Soul or Vindictus?


The developer’s goal for Black Desert is to make it a game where all kinds of players can play in the style they want and also be able to interchange between styles [for example going between pvp, dungeon, and commerce]

So yes, assuming that the developers live up to their promise, which by the way is already showing some promise since the first CBT, Black Desert can be a game played while only focusing on battle.

From what I’ve seen the combat looks more like Vindictus. It is non-targeting.

Afkallmighty will put up the translation for her Developer’s Note first thing in the morning but the bottom line is;

-4-man raid
-Players can not be revived
-Stuns and other boss-holding skills won’t work
-Provides gems for bracelets. Bracelets are new accessories that don’t have any stats on them without any gems placed in them. They become bound to your character when you insert a gem.
-A lot of her attacks seem to ignore defense. My party members were experienced yet a single unlucky mistake was enough to kill them instantly without any time to react with Merc pots.


MH Developer’s Note : Multi-Processing

AFK : I’ve simplified the article but the basic message remains the same
Multi-Processing is a new party leader function which will aid players who wanted to host but weren’t able to due to PC limitations.
Turning on the Multi-Processing function when hosting will improve performance for hosts with multi-core CPUs and a surplus of physical memory.

Party leaders in Mabinogi Heroes has to host due to the limitations of the game’s engine and in the past a single CPU was used to do all the work that comes from being a host and being a party member as well.
But now, the function for hosting and being a party member will be separated in to independent processes and use different CPUs in order to enhance the party leader’s performance.
The following is the result of current testing.
Test Environment

CPU : I5-2500 (3.30GHz) Quad-core
GPU : AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB
OS : Windows 7 Professional (32bit)

Without Multi-Process [lowest FPS drop-6]

With Multi-Process [lowest FPS drop-41]

This function will be tested in the test server before going live.
(Source: heroes.nexon.com)